Current projects

Solar power St Lukes

The first part of the solar panel project is now finished. Thanks to MACS UK we now have 24 hour 230 volt electricity at the laboratory, theater, maternity and pediatric department.  


Thank your MACS UK!


We are currently sourcing funding for the second part of the solar panel project.

Nkope MA house

The healthcentre at Nkope needs a new house for the Medical Assistant. With the help of MACS UK we are in the final stage of finishing the house

Extension of the maintenance building

A private donor is supporting the extension of the maintenance building through stichting St. Lukes Hospital.


The building is finally finished and the maintenance team has moved in!


Thank you stichting

Assembly of wheelchair handbike for disabled person

Through a private donation to the Zikomo Kwambiri! fund we are able to procure a wheelchair handbike. We have made contact with an experienced welder which has finished the bike. The bike has now been delivered to the child he is currently makeing his first practice run!


Zikomo Kwambiri! - Thank you! Marti and Ernst!

Procurement of pulse oximeters

We were very happy to receive a private donation which made it possible to obtain pulse oximeters and glucometers. Up until now we were able to provide female, male and pediatric ward with one pulse oximeter and glucometer each. 2 more pulse oximeters are due to be delivered.

The clinicians and nurses are using them on a daily basis. For them it makes it possible to asses oxygen and glucose levels in the blood, vital information contributing greatly to patient care!


Thank you Nicole!

Outside Children's playground

With the help of a donor from The Netherlands we aim to construct a outside children's playground at our Out Patient Department. Since playing is a important part of healing!