Finished projects

Anesthetic machine

The Stichting St Lukes Hospital in The Netherlands has made a significant donation which made it possible to procure a brand new Malawi proof anesthetic machine. This machine will make general surgery more easy and safer.


Thank you Stichting St Lukes Hospital!

Gynecologic chair

From a private donor we received funds to procure a gynecologic chair for our STD and cervix cancer screening and treatment room otherwise known as room 8 at the OPD. This improves the comfort level of both clinicians and patients.


Thank you Nicole!

New labour ward Nkasala health centre

Thanks to a donations from MACS (Malawi Association for Christian Support) we were able to build a new labour ward for one of our health centres. In februari the labour ward was officialy opened. Currently we are finishing the placenta pit and incinerator.


Thank you MACS!

Electricity Chilipa Health centre

Thanks to a donation from MACS (Malawi Association for Christian Support) we were able to finally connect Chilipa Health centre to Malawi's national  electricity network. Now the only health centre without connection to the nation wide gride is Gawanani health centre.


Thank you MACS!

Children's playground

Through a donor from The Netherlands, stichting kinderkleding beurs. We were able to construct a indoor childrens playground at our pediatric department. With the help of some of our volunteers who made some incredible paintings we have now opened the playground. Since playing is a important part of healing. 


Thank you stichting kinderkleding beurs, Marinka and Brenda!