Infrastructural projects

On this page we inform you on the infrastructural projects we are searching funding for. Most of the projects are executed by our own, experienced, hospital maintenance and construction team led by mister Hankey Makwinjia. If necessary the team will work together with external experts. If you want to contribute to one of the projects, or if you want more information, please contact us directly through e-mail.

Anesthesist house

The hospital has recently hired a second anesthesist officer. This in order to reduce the workload on the one anesthesist officer who was always on call. Anesthesist officers are highly trained personel and so they are hard to find in Malawi. We are very happy he joined the team however unfortunatly we can not offer him a suitable house like we do with the other anesthesist. To accomodate him and his family we are looking for funding to build a second anesthesist house.

Theatre extension

The hospital is growing. Currently we only have one major theatre. This makes it impossible to perform elective and emergency surgery at the same time. A second operation room would increase our operative capacity and improve safety mainly for our patients in maternity and labourward.


Update: the rough sketch of the new theatre design made by the clinicians has been turned into a professional building paper. We are now able to provide an organisation with a detailed plan and cost overview.

Maintenance of staff houses

Due to financial constrains the maintenance of staff houses is far behind schedule. Several accomodations are in a bad to very bad shape. We are urgently looking for a donor to support us  to perform vital maintenance work on these buildings.

Solar power

In order to reduce dependency on Escom power and the diesel generator we want to install solar panels for the laboratory and theatre. This project  (if we can gather the funds) will be executed with the help of an external expert on solar panels. (quotation available).

Maternity extension

Maternity and labour ward are one of the bussiest wards in the hospital. Currently our maternity ward cannot hold enough beds to comfortely accomodate all patients. Also the nurses do not have their own desk space. We aim to increase the size of the labour ward so it can accomodate the nescessary ammount of beds while patients have some private space.