Welcome to St. Lukes Hospital. We are a Christian Hospital under the bishop of the upper shire and part of the CHAM (Christian Health Association of Malawi) network. We aim to provide high quality healthcare for the lowest possible price. The international hospital and health centre staff is here to take care of your health. Below you will find more information about our services. If you have any questions or remarks please contact us through phone or e-mail.


St. Lukes Hospital and its healthcentres offer a range of services some of which are free for others we have to charge a (small) fee in order be able to keep providing the service.


Services at St. Lukes Hospital:

24 hour emergency care

6 day OPD care (opening hours)

Clinics: Antenatal (free), Infant and child healthcare screening and vaccination (free), Hypertension and Diabetes, HIV/AIDS/Tuberculosis clinic (free), sexualy transmitted diseases (free), Orthopedic, physiotherapie, dental.


Laboratory (MRDT, BF, FBC, Chemistry, Microbiology)

Radiology (x-ray and ultrasound available)

Dental (extractions, fillings)


Operating room

Full maternal health services. We accept deliveries of pregnancies AD 32 weeks and above.

Wards: a total of 150 beds devided over 6 wards male, female, peadiatric ward (HDU + general), maternity, Isolation ward, private ward.


Private ward services: Individual room with ventilator, hot meals available, private OPD and antenatal clinic 6 days/week, private ultrasound service, private dispensary.


Services available at health centres:

24 hour emergency care

6 day OPD

Clinics: Antenatal (free), Infancy and child healthcare screening and vaccination (free), HIV/AIDS/Tuberculosis (free)


Maternity services - basic (health centre level)

Generald ward for observation and other short stay.


St Lukes Hospital



Telephone: +265 999 121 039



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