St. Lukes Hospital was founded in 1964 by the Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of the upper shire. Today, St Lukes Hospital has grown and consists of 150 beds spraid over 6 departments as it remains part of the same diocese headed by bishop Malasa. The hospital also supports and supplies 8 different healthcentres in four different districts.  Since its foundation the hospital has been support by several international organisations. Often the staff is both local and internationally trained. Numerous docters, nurses and managers from mainly the UK and The Netherlands have contributed to care given at St Lukes Hospital.

Our vision

To create communities of healthy people where no one dies from preventable and curable diseases.

Mission Statement

"We exist to promote the physical and spiritual well being of all people in our area and beyond through preventive and curative health services that are accessible and of high quality."


Winasi Boma,

Chief Hospital Administrator

Our core values

In line with the healing ministry of our Lord Jesus we exist to show love by:

- Teamwork

- Good goverannce and stewardship

- Custumor care

- Effective communication

- Strategic management of human resource

- Order and discipline

- Self sustainability