Future projects

On this page we inform you on the projects for which we are sourcing funds. Most of the projects are executed by our own, experienced, hospital maintenance and construction team led by mister Hankey Makwinjia. If necessary the team will work together with external experts. Besides expanding and maintaining different buildings we are also looking for equipment

If you want to contribute to one of the projects, or if you want more information, please contact us directly through e-mail.

Dental department

Our dental department is one of the busiest departments of the hospital with more than 4500 patients every year. We strive to get better equipment for our dental department including a dental x-ray and equipment for outreach programs.

Improving solar power

Our current solar power system is helping us with emergency power supply. But unfortunately it runs out after a few hours. With regular black outs we are still often depending on the generator, which costs us a lot of money. We would ike to improve the solar power system and become independent of the generator or power supply from Escom. 

Renovation of casualty room

The casualty room in St. Luke's hospital is in need of a renovation. At the moment it is not possible to give first aid for emergency cases. We would like to update the room into a modern casualty room with all the equipment for emergency care and  space for short stay beds. 

Modernizing radiology department

With the world becoming more digital every day St. Luke's Hospital doesn't want to stay behind. Currently the radiology deparmtment is out dated and using a lot of chemicals to develop pictures. We want to go with the time and introduce a digital X-ray machine to improve our services. 

Staff houses

Our hospital is expanding and with it new staff members are employed. Unfortunately we can not accommodate all of them on our hospital grounds and new staff members have to look in the surrounding neighbourhoods for housing for high rental prices. We would like to give our staff a house near by the hospital to increase their comfort and pleasure in working at St. Luke's. 

Maintenance of staff houses

Due to financial constrains the maintenance of staff houses is far behind schedule. Several accomodations are in a bad to very bad shape. We are urgently looking for a donor to support us  to perform vital maintenance work on these buildings.