Current projects

Renovation of pediatric and nursery ward

Currently we are renovating the pediatric and nursery ward. We are making the pediatric ward more child friendly with decorative paintings and a well stocked playing area as well as creating a well equiped high dependency unit. In the nursery ward we are fixing the leaking roof, seperating a high and low dependency unit and connecting the nursery to the kangaroo mother care unit. 

Maternity wing Mposa

Thanks to the St. Luke's Foundation we are builing a new maternity wing in Mposa health center. This will give us the much needed space for woman in labour. 

New theatre

With the help of MACS UK we are now building a new theatre with two operating rooms in order to be able to take care of the increasing number of deliveries in our facility. 

Renovation of primary health care building

The much needed renovation of the primary health care building is taking place at the moment.