At St. Luke's we are always aiming to improve our services. 


 With the help of our various donors several projects are currently running in the hospital and our health centers. And many projects have been completed over the past few years.


There is a number of projects we would like to execute for which we are still searching for funding. You can support one of these projects or give a general donation

Current projects

We are excited to announce that our hospital is undergoing renovations to enhance our facilities and improve our services .
Currently our corridors are being refurbished to create a more welcoming and modern environment for our patients ,staff and visitors.
Additionally ,our laundry facilities are being upgraded to state of the art equipment ,ensuring a higher standard of hygiene and efficiency.
These upgrades will enable us to better serve our community and provide a comfortable and safe place for all.

Find out more about our currently running projects in our hospital and health centers. 

Finished projects

Have a look at the projects we have finished over the past years. 


Future projects

Help us improving our health services by supporting one of the future projects.