Donations in kind

We are always looking for products, consumables as well as hardware. Here we display a list of items we are currently actively searching for. These are all items with high priority.


If you want to contribute please contact us directly through e-mail. Also for a list of general supplies we could use please contact us directly.

We are urgently looking for the following items (August 2019):


- Biopsy needle (re-usable)

- Heater lamp for our pediatric high dependency unit

- Heater lamp for the labour ward in Nkope and Mpondas health center

- Examination light for labor ward (used for suturing) in St. Luke's Hospital and all health centers

- Vital parameter monitors

- CTG machine

- Portable oxygen machine

- Aerochambers with mask of all sizes


- Little Anne (or Little Family Pack) CPR Stimulator

- Toolbox with tools



  • We would like to modernize our hospital by implementing digital X-ray services. Currently our radiology department is using a lot of chemicals to produce X-ray images. 
  • We are looking for financial support to renovate our casualty room. At the moment we don't have the equipment to give emergency care in the OPD. 

We are actively searching for a donor or donors who would be interested in supporting us by contributing to procure these items.