Staff portrait

Every month a new story of a staff member in St. Luke's. 

'Failure to me is not an option'

I'm Winasi Boma and I work as the Chief Hospital Administrator for St Luke's Hospital and its health centers. My responsibilities include  human, material and financial resources management, resources mobilization, strategic plan implementation and interaction with both local and international partners. I also ensure that everything that is done at St Luke's Hospital and all health centers is  in line with the values and beliefs of the Anglican Diocese of Uppershire. I always believe in change and quality through building effective teams at the work place. Everywhere I go, I always believe in contributing something positive for the good of the society. My dream is to contribute to solutions to the challenges the Malawi health system faces, so that we can have sustainable health services with high quality health care. We can generate a model that is unique to each facility, organization and district, like the one we have in Matope health center.


Outside work I like traveling both in Malawi and all over the world, because traveling gives me a chance to learn as well as experience other people's/countries values, beliefs and culture. I have a strong Christian faith and always believe in prayer as the only secret of success.