Staff portrait

Every month a new story of a staff member in St. Luke's. 

'Work hard and deliver the best'

I'm Johnas Zambika Mixon, 27 years old from Mchinji. After finishing my secundary school I certified as a primary school teacher. I have been a teacher for two years before I applied for Malawi College of Health Sciences to study biomedical sciences.


After graduating I started working in St. Luke's in 2018 as a laboratory assistant under PEPFAR. As a lab assistant I do sample collection and analysis and I maintain the laboratory equipment. I enjoy my work because I learn new things every day. It is also helping me to refresh and maintain the knowledge and skills I have learned in college. 


In my free time I enjoy reading books, playing volleyball and chess. I also enjoy watching football. 


My motto is to work hard and deliver the best. 

'I can!'

My name is Marggi Nthaira and I am a patient attendant. I assist patients in the ward and general cleaning. I also work together with the nurses in taking vital signs and weighing patients. I enjoy my work because I know how to do it well. It gives me satisfaction to help patients and their guardians. 


In my free time I like reading religious books, like the bible and chatting with children and friends. I also take care of my old mother at home and orphans. 


I believe everything is possible when you believe in yourself!

'The way to success is hard work and determination'

I am Alfred Nkotola aged 37. I come from Mkwaila village. I work as a statistical clerk in the Health Management Information System (HMIS) under Central Monitoring and Evaluation Department at St. Luke's Hospital. 

My responsibilities include data collection, data analysis, report writing and providing the management with the findings for decision making and implementations. 

I like working at St. Luke's because there is good coordination between management and its members of staff. Not only is managment interested in data; they also support activities from HMIS office to run different programs like quarterly review meetings and data collection in the health centers. It is a challenge to collect all the reports from the different departments, but the staff of St. Luke's coordinate well in such that my work becomes easier. 


During my free time I like watching gospel songs and movies, reading books and giving enough time to my family, while reflecting the good things god is doing to my life. 


My wish is to become a statician and at work my aim is not to be a failure in providing good data to users. 

'Good care for all'

My name is Rose Banda and I work as a health surveillance assistant at St. Luke's Hospital. I am involved in the TB clinic, the vaccination program, the under five clinic. Besides this I conduct village inspections at the catchment area of the hospital to promote good hygiene and sanitation. I also give health talks at the facility as well as in the community. The topics that are thought are malaria, cholera, TB, family planning, drug adherance and many more. 


I enjoy working at St. Luke's Hospital because we work hand in hand with clinicians, nurses and all other supporting staff from different departments. 


In my free time I work at my garden and I am rearing goats and pigs. I also enjoy praying and singing gospel songs and chatting with my friends and familiy. 


My motto is to give good care to all patients and especially those that are more vulnerable; the palliative care patients, the elderly and the very young ones. 

'Always forward'

I am Moses Chinula, I am 49 years old and Christian by faith. I did my primary and secundary school education in Mzuzu city north side of Malawi. I am married and have five children; 2 boys and 3 girls. 


I work as an orthopaedic clinician here in St. Luke's Hospital. I like working here because the working environment is conducive. Being a teaching institution, there is always something new to learn. 


My motto is to make St. Luke's Hospital well known country wide. I wish for orthopaedic surgeons to visit our facility to provide me with more knowledge and skills. 


In my free time I like watching soccer, especially English Premier League, on TV. I am a fan of Arsenal FC. I also enjoy jogging in the morning and listening to gospel musics. 

'Believe in yourself'

My name is Christopher Brian Mbeko and I work as a nurse and midwife in St. Luke's Hospital. Currently I'm working in female ward. As a nurse I provide physiological, psychological and spiritual care to the clients and patients who visit our hospital. I enjoy working in St. Luke's Hospital for many reasons. The first reason is the good Administrative office. They always look into welfare of the workers. The other reason is the patient centered services St. Luke's offers. This is very motivating for me because my goal is to provide the good quality of care. 


In my free time I like reading nursing and medical text books, novels and the bible. I also enjoy wathcing movies and playing football. 


I believe in myself and I know that I hav the potential to achieve anything in my future. I would love to upgrade myself to increase my nursing skills and to provide the best quality of care to the general public of Malawi. 

'Confidence is power'

I am Felister Mlekano and I work as a security officer in St. Luke's Hospital. I am in charge of the security team of the hospital and I am responsible for the attendance of all guards. I also walk around the premises myself to make sure everything is in good order. 

I work at St. Luke's Hospital because I wanted to help my community since Zomba is my home of origin. 


At my free time I like knitting, hand sewing and general cleaning at my home. As a Roman Catholic member I go to church every Sunday and I am also a member of the Catholic Women Organization. 


I try to motivate women who think they can't work as an officer at an institution. I believe confidence is power. If you have confidence in yourself you can achieve any goal. 

'Failure to me is not an option'

I'm Winasi Boma and I work as the Chief Hospital Administrator for St Luke's Hospital and its health centers. My responsibilities include  human, material and financial resources management, resources mobilization, strategic plan implementation and interaction with both local and international partners. I also ensure that everything that is done at St Luke's Hospital and all health centers is  in line with the values and beliefs of the Anglican Diocese of Uppershire. I always believe in change and quality through building effective teams at the work place. Everywhere I go, I always believe in contributing something positive for the good of the society. My dream is to contribute to solutions to the challenges the Malawi health system faces, so that we can have sustainable health services with high quality health care. We can generate a model that is unique to each facility, organization and district, like the one we have in Matope health center.


Outside work I like traveling both in Malawi and all over the world, because traveling gives me a chance to learn as well as experience other people's/countries values, beliefs and culture. I have a strong Christian faith and always believe in prayer as the only secret of success.