Finished projects

New ambulance for Lulanga

In May 2019 PressTrust has donated a new ambulance to Lulanga health centre to replace their old one. 


Currently we are sourcing for funds for a new ambulance to replace the old one at St. Luke's Hospital. 


Thank you PressTrust!

New pharmacy stores

In 2019 St. Luke's Hospital, Chilipa and Nkope health centres have received brand new SIAB pharmacy stores, donated by USAID and UKAID. These pharmacy stores have plenty space and have great temperature control. 


We are hoping to have these stores at all our health centers in the near future!


Thank you USAID and UKAID!

Renovation of St. Luke's Hospital

In 2018 several deparments in St. Luke's hospital have been renovated. The OPD and dental clinic both look better now! 

Construction of guardian shelter

A new guardian shelter has been build in St. Luke's funded by MalaWeCare. 


Thank you MalaWeCare!

Nursery St. Luke's

In 2018 we have finished building our new nursery and kangaroo mother care (KMC). Now we can provide better care for our youngest patients. 


Thank you College of Medicine

Guardian pit latrines and placenta pit

Thank to Emmanuel International we have constructed a two new guardian pit latrines and a placenta pit at St. Luke's Hospital. 


Thank you Emmanuel International!

Solar power St. Luke's

The solar panel project is now finished. Thanks to MACS UK and Global Africa we now have 24 hour 230 volt electricity at the laboratory, theatre, maternity and pediatric department.  


Thank your MACS UK and Global Africa!


Nkope and Nkasala staff house

At the Nkope and Nkasala health centres we have build and renovated (new) houses for their staff members with the help of MACS UK!


Thank you MACS!

Renovation of maternity wing in Lulanga

With a donation from NAC we have been able to renovate our maternity wing in Lulanga, resulting in a increased number of deliveries.


Thank you NAC!

Water tank Lulanga

Thanks to UNICEF a water tank has been procured and installed at Lulanga health centre. 


Thank you UNICEF!

Extension of the maintenance building

A private donor is supporting the extension of the maintenance building through stichting St. Lukes Hospital.


The building is finally finished and the maintenance team has moved in!


Thank you Stichting St. Luke's Malosa!

Assembly of wheelchair handbike for disabled person

Through a private donation to the Zikomo Kwambiri! fund we are able to procure a wheelchair handbike. We have made contact with an experienced welder which has finished the bike. The bike has now been delivered to the child he is currently makeing his first practice run!


Zikomo Kwambiri! - Thank you Marti and Ernst!

Anesthetic machine

The Stichting St Lukes Hospital Malawi has made a significant donation which made it possible to procure a brand new Malawi proof anesthetic machine. This machine will make general surgery more easy and safer.


Thank you Stichting St Lukes Hospital Malawi!

Renovation of labour ward

The Chilema Foundation has sponsored the revision of the labour ward. With the help of local contractors we were able to improve patient privacy while providing the nurses a desk. Now the nurses have a better overview of the patients. All in all a great improvement for everyone. (May 2016)


Thank you Chilema Foundation!

Gynecologic chair

From a private donor we received funds to procure a gynecologic chair for our STD and cervical cancer screening and treatment room; otherwise known as room 8 at the OPD. This improves the comfort level of both clinicians and patients.


Thank you Nicole!

New labour ward Nkasala health centre

Thanks to a donations from MACS (Malawi Association for Christian Support) we were able to build a new labour ward for one of our health centres. In february the labour ward was officialy opened. We have also finished building the placenta pit and incinerator.


Thank you MACS!

Electricity Chilipa health centre

Thanks to a donation from MACS (Malawi Association for Christian Support) we were able to finally connect Chilipa Health centre to Malawi's national  electricity network.


Thank you MACS!

Children's playground

Through a donor from The Netherlands, stichting kinderkleding beurs, we were able to construct an indoor childrens playground at our pediatric department. With the help of some of our volunteers who made some incredible paintings we have now opened the playground. Since playing is a important part of healing. 


Thank you stichting kinderkleding beurs, Marinka and Brenda!